WordPress Sets the Standards

WordPress is by far the world’s leading CMS  Content Management System platform hosting well over 810 million websites. That’s a little over 43% of all websites globally. WordPress offers a rich browsing experience with great features and functionality. Its closest competitors are

  • Shopify at 4.1%
  • Wix at 2.3%
  • Squarespace at 2.0%
  • Joomla – 1.6%
  • Drupal – 1.2%

The Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is Evolving

While WordPress started as a blogging tool, it rapidly evolved into a powerful website builder and a robust Content Management System. The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough to make virtually any type of website. This is the main reason why it has grown so much in popularity. Because of its robust features, many of the largest companies in the world use WordPress to power their websites.


  • WordPress websites are both stylish and functional
  • Content is easily manageable
  • Themes allow quick and easy website design changes
  • Functionality can be extended with Plugins
  • The blog feature is built-in and ready to go
  • Higher website rankings are possible since search engines (especially Google) love WordPress
  • Optional Responsive design scales to also support tablets and smartphones

For these reasons and more, WP-ProSupport and WP-ProDesign work exclusively with WordPress. We don’t believe in being a “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”.  We work only with WordPress and have been doing so for many years. This has allowed us to gain a vast knowledge and understanding of WordPress to become experts at development and support.

Let’s Build Something Great Together!

We understand the unique challenges that businesses of all types endure trying to get noticed online. We are dedicated to delivering to our clients, stunning, functional and feature-rich websites that stand apart from all the rest. 

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